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Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation and without them our centre could not function.


Funnily enough, most volunteers believe they are the ones who gain from their involvement. Volunteering can be both rewarding and challenging work; the basis for new friendships and a sense of contributing to the community.

There are lots of different jobs at the House and we do our best to match each person to their passion. Roles include reception, community lunch, community garden, food bank, and tutoring.

We offer volunteers:

  • Administrative experience

  • Improved computer literacy

  • Improved communication skills

  • Professional References

  • Closer links to your community

  • Opportunities to network

  • A sociable working environment

  • Flexible contribution hours

  • A variety of roles

  • Active community support


We’ll provide all the support and training you need to get you up and running at the House including a welcome induction and the opportunity to participate in training.


If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities with us we’d love to hear from you.

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